So you’re telling me cookies aren’t on the menu?

So, yesterday wasn’t the best day I had. However, I gave myself the day to “cheat” and then move on from it. I had my cooking class yesterday and we were making pot roast, steak, and baby back ribs with potatoes and grilled vegetables. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to indulge. So I had that for dinner, and then I had to drop my mom off at this fundraiser and I knew that if I left to go back home I was going to be late to Zumba and I wouldn’t have time to do my other workouts so I just didn’t go. Granted going to Zumba late is better than not going at all. But I felt the urge to stick around the area and splurge on some things from Victoria secret. I left that place with 4 items and spending 214 dollars. Yeah… that hurt. However, I justified it by the fact that I don’t EVER spend like that on myself and I deserved to feel sexy and confident under my cloths.

So I today I decided that I was going to do my work out after I got back from work. Of course now that it is after work I don’t want to go and do it but I’m going to. I promised myself that I was going to stick with this 30 day challenge. Although I did slip up there is still a comeback. I have another two weeks and if I wind up slipping up again it won’t be the end of the world. I didn’t binge all day and I gave myself the freedom of relaxing and spending money and time on myself.  The whole point about me eating healthy again is to eat right on a normal basis, but if I decide to eat a slice of pizza once in a while I’ll eat the pizza and move on going back to my healthy ways and keeping on track. We all should feel entitled to treat our bodies well but also give ourselves a break once in a while. We aren’t perfect. We are human. The way I see it is, I should to be proud with how far I came instead of dwelling on the fact that I ate badly for one day. So, here’s to moving on. 


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The moment I stopped caring about what other people thought was the same moment I started loving myself

Good morning everyone!

                I hope you are all having a fantastic day today. So as you all know I’ve been doing the lean Halloween challenge, and I’m only two weeks in. Last week I decided to stop counting my counting my calories for the rest of the month and try to rely mainly on the healthy eating program that I’ve been using while doing this challenge. I also decided to try to stay away from the scale as much as I possible. However, this morning I was kind of curious just to see where I am. Right now I’m at 183.4, the lowest I’ve been since before summer. I’m really happy about the number, but I’m trying to not make it about how much weight I’ve lost. I want it to really be about how I feel and how I look, I think that these things are more important than the number on the scale. If, in the process I wind up losing the weight than so be it. I feel like I am in so much more control than I ever have been before. The way I’m eating and how I feel has given me so much more confidence in two weeks than in the past year. I’m not restricting my food, I’m just eating it and enjoying it as much as I can. Yes, food is fuel. But if we don’t enjoy what we are eating than what is really the point?


[Image] Some of the best life advice I’ve ever heard


[Image] Some of the best life advice I’ve ever heard

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Health or frozen pizza dinners?

So today I was talking to a group of girls that are in my volleyball class. We got on the conversation of food, and like any person here on tumblr who is into fitness you know that eating right and working out is important to your health. So I’m listening to these girls talk about how they eat really badly, and I was telling them that eating right isn’t hard and they should just go to the grocery store and pick out foods that are healthy and that are convenient to their lifestyle, whether that be cooking it or having frozen stuff that they can pop in the microwave or oven. It’s better than nothing.

                So one of the girls was saying” well, I’d rather pay my cable bill that have oatmeal in the morning.” The other girls agreed, and I didn’t get the chance to comment back but I realized that throughout the day that her saying that really bothered me. Personally, I think that everyone should realize that eating healthy is the MOST important thing a person should be doing. People like to complain that eating healthy is expensive and that’s why they don’t do it. However, wouldn’t you rather have your health, live longer, have less doctor visits and bills to pay off at the end of the month? As I started eating better my energy level increased, my confidence soared and my muffin top was getting smaller. These girls that I was talking to, would rather have their TV and cheap pizza instead of health and confidence. I’m not trying to be mean but going through the healthy transition that I did, I wanted to explain to them why spending more on food is better than how they are eating now. In the long run eating right will keep you happy and healthy. We can’t live on processed foods for the rest of our lives without having problems.

                On another note, buying groceries and eating at home the majority of the time will actually save these girls the extra money that they would be spending if they were eating out as often as they mentioned. I struggled for a long time with eating right and keeping my budget low. Although it isn’t as low as I would like it to be, I have found tricks that make eating right better for my budget.

  1. I plan my meals
  2. I buy the food that is ONLY necessary for my recipes.
  3. I shop at Trader Joes for the majority of my food. There prices are low and they have great deals

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of times that I go over my limit or buy food that I really shouldn’t, but for the majority of the time I stick to my list and budget,